The Comfort of Home: When and Why Home Health Care Works

Personalized service ion the home for the elderly or disabled - nurse comforts older woman in her own home

Need help at home? Home health care incorporates a full range of medical and non-medical services that are administered directly within the comforting and familiar environment of a patient’s home. It is designed to cater to individuals who require different levels of assistance and supervision due to illness, injury, or age-related challenges. 

We’re going to explain the three types of home health care available through NEILS and then we’ll explore when and why home health care can be beneficial.

NEILS Consumer-Directed Services (CDS)

This type of in-home care empowers individuals to have maximum control over their care. Participants in the CDS program, who must be at least 18 years old and be capable of directing their care, have the power to choose their caregivers and spell out when and how services are provided. They act as legal employers for their personal care attendants, who assist with daily living tasks, fostering independence and enabling individuals with disabilities to reside in a preferred home environment. MO HealthNet (Missouri Medicaid) covers attendant wages, with NEILS managing payroll and service oversight for participants.

CDS Services provided:

  • Personal Care
  • Meal Preparation
  • Shopping & Errands
  • Housekeeping
  • Essential Transportation
  • Toileting
  • Laundry

NEILS In-Home Services

We provide personalized in-home services delivered by dedicated aides directly in your residence. The aids tailor services to meet your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive care and support. 

Unlike Consumer-Directed Services (CDS), where individuals direct their care, NEILS’ in-home services involve consultations with family members and healthcare professionals to understand and address the care recipient’s requirements fully. This collaborative approach aims to ensure a holistic understanding of the home care needs and to provide effective and compassionate support.

In-Home Services provided:

  • Personal Care
  • Meal Preparation
  • Toileting
  • Nurse Visits
  • Housekeeping
  • Shopping & Errands
  • Laundry
  • Diabetic Nail Care
  • Medication Set-ups
  • Respite Care

Veteran’s Home Care

NEILS partners with Veteran’s Home Care to offer Veteran’s Home Care services to eligible veterans or their surviving spouses. Veterans must have served at least 90 days of active duty with at least one day during wartime and received an honorable discharge, along with demonstrating a medical need. 

Upon qualification, home care services can begin the following month, and the program covers costs without any out-of-pocket expenses, even before VA approval. NEILS takes pride in serving those who served our nation, ensuring veterans receive the high-quality in-home care and companionship they deserve.

Services provided: 

  • Bathing & Dressing 
  • Personal Care 
  • Meal Preparation 
  • Transportation 
  • Light Housekeeping 
  • Laundry 
  • Transferring 
  • Medication Reminders 
  • Companionship 
  • Respite Care 
  • Assistance with accessing other community resources to improve your quality of life

Having outlined the three types of home health care available through NEILS, it’s important to understand when and why these services can be truly beneficial. Let’s explore the circumstances under which home health care can provide invaluable support and enhance quality of life.

Recovery from Illness or Surgery

Home health care is often utilized when individuals need assistance with recovery from illness, surgery, or injury. Being in familiar surroundings can promote faster healing and reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

Chronic Disease Management

For those managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or respiratory issues, home health care offers personalized care plans and regular monitoring to optimize health outcomes.

Comfort and Familiarity

Many patients would rather receive care at home because it allows them to remain in a familiar environment surrounded by loved ones. This familiarity can contribute to better emotional well-being and a sense of security.


Home health care can be cost-effective compared to hospital stays or long-term care facilities. It reduces expenses associated with hospitalizations and allows patients to receive necessary care without the overhead costs of more formal care settings.

Personalized Care

Care provided at home works around the person’s specific needs and preferences. Care plans address unique challenges and promote independence while ensuring safety and comfort.

Family Involvement

Home health care encourages family involvement in caregiving, fostering a supportive environment where family members can actively help in the patient’s care and recovery process.

Preventive Care and Education

Home health care providers like NEILS offer preventive care services and education to patients and their families. This includes medication management, nutrition counseling, fall prevention strategies, and disease management education.

Transition from Hospital to Home

Home health care services often play a special role in supporting a smooth transition from hospital to home. They provide continuity of care, ensuring that patients receive ongoing support and monitoring post-discharge.


Overall, home health care represents a patient-centered framework in healthcare delivery, prioritizing personalized service tailored to individual needs. By providing care within the familiar confines of a person’s home, these services foster a sense of independence and empowerment. 

The home environment not only enhances comfort but also supports emotional well-being, which is great for healing and managing chronic conditions. Importantly, home health care functions as a versatile alternative or supplement to conventional healthcare facilities, accommodating patients at different phases of health and recovery. 

Whether aiding in rehab post-surgery, managing long-term health conditions, or getting family involved, these services ensure continuity and stability in the patient’s care journey. Home health care stands as a vital cornerstone in modern healthcare, bridging the gap between medical necessity and the desire for dignified, home-based care.

If you or your loved ones meet the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to contact NEILS today. Our exceptional team is prepared to assist you in navigating the application process and to provide the support and care you require. 

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