Disability Awareness Programs and Presentations

Disability awareness programs are a priority to our organization. NEILS firmly believes that persons with disabilities are and can be fully productive citizens in the community; however, even today parts of society don’t fully include persons with disabilities. Society still has the view that they are not capable of working, raising children, or in some cases even living at home independently.

NEILS strives to make everyone aware of the disability community through our disability awareness programs. Each program instills that they can do most, if not all, things that any other person or citizen can do. Our goal is to help the community accept and respect persons with disabilities just as they want to be accepted and respected.

We provide Disability Awareness Presentations free of charge to any organization, school, or other group. For the children, we use dolls with different types of disabilities to explain their disability and the things they CAN do just like any other child. For the older groups, we use presentations with handouts and other information. We work to make each disability program customized, fun, and interactive in order to celebrate diversity.