Your DisABILITY Resource Center in Hannibal, MO

We strongly believe that individuals with disabilities should have access to an abundant amount of resources and help at home within the communities in which they live.  That’s why we provide help at home with diverse programs and services that assist individuals with disabilities with living independently in the community.  We also provide disability-related information to family, friends, and community members to help in fostering acceptance, understanding, and diversity within our communities.

Need assistance, but the services listed don’t seem to fit your needs?  That’s okay….call us anyway! While our programs and services are diverse, it’s nearly impossible for us to list each and every way that we help individuals in north east Missouri.  Just because it isn’t listed, doesn’t mean we cannot assist you with locating a program or service in the area that meets your needs or develop a new program or service to be offered by NEILS that can assist you! We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable not only about our own programs and services, but also being knowledgeable about the services and programs that other organizations in the area offer.  We’ll even make a referral directly to another organization if you would like.

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Help at Home in Hannibal MO and Northeast Missouri