Assistive Technology Devices

Tap Telephones 

The purpose of the Missouri TAP for Telephone is to provide access to basic voice telephone calling (both sending and receiving) for individuals with all types of disabilities through the delivery of adaptive telephone equipment. The program provides such equipment as text phones, voice carryover phones, phones for hearing carryover, amplified phones, Braille phones, hands-free phones, and photo phones. NEILS is a

demonstration site, meaning you can come to our office to try out different types of phones and select the phone that best matches your needs. If you are unable to come to our office but already have a land-line phone at your home, NEILS can bring some display telephones to demonstrate to you in your own home. All applicants must be certified by a professional (doctor, audiologist, etc.) to have a disability and must meet income guidelines. Once you qualify and choose your phone, NEILS will assist you with the set-up process. The telephone is yours to keep and you can re-apply for new equipment every four years. The TAP Telephone program is available through Missouri Assistive Technology.

Low Vision Library 

In partnership with Missouri Rehabilitation Services for the Blind, our Low-Vision Library provides individuals with visual impairments the ability to try different magnifiers and other pieces of low-vision equipment. Low-vision equipment is available by loan, or NEILS staff can assist you with locating the equipment you need and researching funding options.

Missouri Assistive Technology Demonstration Site 

NEILS is contracted with Missouri Assistive Technology to provide technology demonstrations to individuals with disabilities in Northeast Missouri.  NEILS staff can assist with obtaining anything from lifts to vehicle hand controls, to assistive computer devices and much more. Staff will provide recommendations for technology choices and assist with locating and applying for financial assistance. People also have an option of trying out items such as adaptive equipment. NEILS has adaptive computer programs, keyboards, joysticks, home technology, and so much more.  We also have catalogs of various technology and update our inventory twice per year with new, alternative technology.

Missouri Assistive Technology